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4 Tips to Help You with JAMB UTME













1. Locate Your Venue Before the Exam

    The JAMB Examination Slip is a detailed outline of your exam centre, subjects, and time of the exam. It leaves no room for guessing. After re-printing your JAMB slip and seeing your centre, it is advisable to take a step further and locate your centre before the exam. Getting familiar with the directions to your centre will prevent  panicking and stress on the exam day.



2. Arrive Early


This is very important. You should be at your exam centre at least 30 minutes before the time stipulated on your exam slip. You might want to eat something before going, but this is solely up to you. You could also go along with some cash just in case.


3. Question Format


You will be given two hours to answer 180 questions; 60 for English, and 40 for each of the other subjects. Speed, and accuracy matter a lot. If you have been using the JAMB CBT Mobile App (for android mobile phones) and JAMB CBT Software (for Desktops and Laptops), the examination should be simple enough.


4. Important Keys to Remember


If you are using the keyboard, here are the most important keys;


N – To move to the next question

P – To go back to the previous question

A – To select option A on a question

B – To select option B on a question

C – To select option C on a question

D – To select option D on a question

S – To submit your exam (Be Careful)

R – To Cancel Submit (and RETURN)


The above will be stated before you start the exam, so you should read instructions properly before starting.


However, you should note that there are actions you cannot perform using the keyboard. In this case, you must use your Mouse (or track-pad). These are;


If you need to switch from one subject to another. That is, if you want to answer a particular subject before going to another.

If you need to use the on-screen calculator at the top right corner of your screen.

The on-screen calculator will be available on the screen for candidates who will be taking subjects that involve calculations.

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List of Nigeria Colleges Offering Social Studies / Yoruba




list of Nigeria Colleges Offering Social Studies / Yoruba; Social Studies / Yoruba for JAMB brochure under the Faculty of Education is known to be one of the most important course in schools, offered by 23 percent of Nigerian students. Social Studies / Yoruba under the Education is offered in some of the Colleges in Nigeria. In this article below is the procedure, guide and requirements needed for admission by ‘0’ Level and Direct students in Nigeria schools.

List of Colleges of Education that Offer Social Studies / Yoruba
Adeniran Ogunsanya College Of Education
Adeyemi College Of Education, Ondo
Alvan Ikoku College Of Education
Ansar-Ud-Deen College Of Education
Assanusiyah College Of Education
Best Legacy College Of Education
College Of Education, Foreign Links Campus Moro
College Of Education, Ikere
College Of Education, Ilorin
Delar College Of Education
Fct College Of Education, Zuba
Federal College Of Education Abeokuta
Federal College Of Education Kontagora
Federal College Of Education Okene
Federal College Of Education Zaria
Federal College Of Education, Eha-Amufu
Federal College Of Education, Kano
Federal College Of Education, Pankshin
Michael Otedola College Of Primary Education, Moforiji
Muftau’ Lanihun College Of Education
Muhyldeen College Of Education, Ilorin
Nana Aishat Memorial College Of Education
Osun State College Of Education, Ila-Orangun
JAMB UTME Subject Combination
In UTME, note that English Language is mandatory for all courses. The other three subjects required to study Social Studies / Yoruba under the Faculty of Education in the institutions listed above are:
One Arts/Social Science subject
O’Level Requirements for UTME Candidates
To apply for Social Studies / Yoruba as a UTME candidate, you require: Five SSCE credit passes in
English Language,
One Arts/Social Science
Credit: JAMB Interactive Brochure and Syllabus System
If this post has made any value to you,

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BREAKING: NYSC officially opens 2019 Batch B Stream 2 registration portal




This is to inform PCMs that Online Registration for 2019 Batch B Stream 2 has just started today, 19th June 2019 and will run till 17th July, 2019.
You’re to visit NYSC Registration Portal to register, click on “Mobilization Batch B, 2019”. If you are registering for the first time click on Fresh Registration.
Click on Revalidation, if you have registered in 2019 Batch “A” and previous batches but did not go to camp.
PCMs who were deployed in 2019 Batch “B” Stream I and couldn’t make it to camp, should not revalidate, you will be notified when to reprint your call-up letters.



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How To Successfully Process Your NYSC Redeployment – NYSC




Sometimes, it can be heartbreaking to see yourself in one state when you actually desire another state.
For whatever reason it may be for you to want to redeploy, you need to do the process right.

Redeployment is real. NYSC will redeploy you if you can prove you deserve it.
Redeployment is currently done on 3 basis:
1. Health reason
2. Marital
3. Security
Security is only restricted to states prone terrorism

So to secure a successful redeployment, these tips may help.

For those applying for medical reasons, make sure you get a medical report from a government hospital. NYSC won’t acknowledge medical reports from private institutions.

The reports are usually dated. The older the date on the medical report, the more serious NYSC officials will take it. If the report is dated a few days around when you printed your call up, it may raise suspicion about your motive for redeployment eg. you printed callup 1st may and your medical report is dated 5th May; NYSC officials will just be like, ‘Osheeyy, Baddest!!’
So use your sense. That’s all I will say.

As soon as you get to camp, take your medical report to the camp clinic for authentication, then begin your application for redeployment.

NYSC will not redeploy you to your home state.

Some people claim to have certain illnesses so that they can be redeployed. Note that these information go into your file for life. And if you don’t mind and still want to claim an illness, claim wisely.

Know the illness in and out, and be ready to fake it if possible. But I will strongly advise you not to because NYSC officials will know.

One of the most common illnesses people claim is Asthma. Asthma is manageable and can be managed from any hospital.

W‎hatever the illness you claim, know that the NYSC officials are going to assume that if the illness did not kill you in 4/5/6 years of school, it won’t kill you in one year of NYSC. So they will kuku post you close to a healthy facility instead of redeploy you.

For those that still won’t follow my advice and still want to claim illnesses, claim an illness that is chronic, requires close monitoring by your doctor and difficult to diagnose instantly eg type 1 dm.

For those who have genuine conditions, please take your medications, hospital consultation cards/appointment cards with you to camp. These will further support your case.

Don’t forget NYSC is not foolish. When you were filling your biodata online, most people entered genuine information into the NYSC portal. Infact, there’s a column where you are asked if you have any health challenge, some people will answer ‘NO’, only to later bring a medical report. Lol

During screening, NYSC officials will go through your biodata, state of origin, state where you schooled and the state where you want to be redeployed to. All these will be used to determine whether you will be redeployed or not and if you will be redeployed, it will determine where.
Redeployment can be done even at camp or after camping

Wisely choose less competitive states.

For those that want to redeploy on marital basis, ensure you have all your documents including your marriage certificate, change of name newspaper publication, marriage pictures, etc

NB: this is a rough draft, kindly forgive all grammatical/typographical and language errors.
This info is not exhaustive, there are some I can’t recall right now and will update when I can.
I hope this helps. Good luck.

#For instant NYSC Relocation or Redeployment, call 09080137311. You would be posted to any state of your choice

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