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1.Choose the expression or word which best complete each sentences:
It was a long poem but he learnt it ….

A. off head
B. in memory
C. by heart *ANS*
D. at heart
E. from memory

2.Choose the correct option that completes the following sentence:
The young teacher was surprised that is promotion was approved by the old inspector who is generally known to ….

A. be generous
B. be friendly to young people
C. like young people
D. be hard to please *ANS*
E. be very careful

3.Complete the following with the appropriate answer to the question:

John would you mind lifting this box?

A. yes, i mind
B. no, i don’t   *ANS*
C. no, i do
D. yes, i don’t mind
E. no i mind

4.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined statement or words:
Had she asked me earlier, i might have been able to employ him

A. i employed her
B. i did not employ him *ANS*
C. i did not employ her
D. i employed him
E. i employ neither of the two

5.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined statement or words:
If he were to apologize i would probably forgive him

A. i shall not forgive him even if he apologize
B. he is likely to apologize and be forgiven
C. i shall definitely forgive him if he apologizes
D. if he apologize i shall decide whether or not to forgive him *ANS*
E. he will not apologize and i will not forgive him

6.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words : As he was a gullible leader his followers took advantage of him

A. He was weak and unable to enforce his authority
B. He was partial and unfair in dispensing justice
C. He was simple minded to a fault *ANS*
D. He was slow to act
E. He was lacking in education and experience in everyday affair

7.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
His summary of the meeting was brief and to the point

A. careful
B. precise *ANS*
C. accurate
D. exact
E. crucial

8.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
Do you have the same aversion as i do for way film?

A. bitterness
B. dislike *ANS*
C. criticism
D. indignation
E. preference

9.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
I didn’t think she could be so easily taken in by his pretences

A. flattered
B. deceived *ANS*
C. enamoured
D. overcome
E. blackmailed

10.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
The crux of the matter is that the president has just become aware of the mismanagement

A. The part of the problem that has just surfaced
B. The result of the matter
C. The most important aspect of the problem *ANS*
D. The ways to solved the problem
E. The moment of crisis

11.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
The witness was guilty of swearing to a statement he knew to be false

A. forgery
B. perjury *ANS*
C. libel
D. slander
E. affidavit

12.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
The story told by the suspect was difficult to believe

A. incredulous
B. credible
C. incredible *ANS*
D. credulous
E. ridiculous

13.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
Publishers say that newsprint has become more expensive

A. newspaper
B. paper for printing *ANS*
C. printers’ salaries and wages
D. fines for publishing libels
E. publishing news

14.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
After completing half of the journey, all the travellers could do was trudge along

A. walk lazily
B. run briskly
C. walk and stop intermittently
D. walk wearily *ANS*
E. walk with determination

15 Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
He got a standing ovation for his speech

A. He stood up to receive the applause
B. The audience stood up and applauded as he finished his speech *ANS*
C. Both he and the audience stood up at the end of his speech
D. He stood up to make the speech
E. He was applauded for the speech

16.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
Most of his observations were wide of the mark

A. comprehensive
B. irrelevant *ANS*
C. pertinent
D. came rather late
E. unacceptable

17.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
The clerk refused to answer for the mistake made by the manager and his assistants

A. to reply to
B. to give an answer
C. to explain
D. to accept responsibility *ANS*
E. to account for

18.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
Good citizens should take the part of a good government when it is being attacked by the foreign press

A. speak in support *ANS*
B. explained the part played
C. act like a representative of
D. emphasize the progress made by
E. outline the virtues of

19.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
The politicians have a number of peculiarities. The most conspicuous is the way he gesticulates when making a serious point

A. shows anxiety when making a serious point
B. breaks down when talking seriously
C. uses is hands and arms as a sign *ANS*
D. bows his head in humility to the crowd
E. shakes his head from one side to the other

20.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
In spite of the loud music, John soon managed to fall asleep

A. the loud music soon helped John to fall asleep
B. John soon fell asleep as a result of the loud music
C. the loud music made John despise sleep
D. the loud music made John unable to fall asleep
E. John soon fell asleep even though the music was loud *ANS*

21.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined words :
He heard the loud noise of the huge air-raid siren

A. buzz
B. crack
C. rumble
D. whistle
E. wail *ANS*

22.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined statement or words:
He has a big heart but he inept at following a witty conversion

A. Large
B. huge
C. warm
D. placid *ANS*
E. fragile

23.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined statement or words:
He took a quick look at the poor man, shook his head and took to his heels

A. glanced at *ANS*
B. viewed
C. observed
D. gazed at
E. spied

24.Choose the option nearest in meaning to the underlined statement or words:
One of the stages of the creative process is the incubation period. This refer to the period when

A. the idea is firmly fixed through repetition
B. the person suddenly comes upon the idea
C. the person thinks over the idea *ANS*
D. the idea yields concrete result
E. the idea is given up

25.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
The giant hydro-electric project is among the …. colonial rule in Southern Africa.

A. inheritance
B. remnants
C. legacies *ANS*
D. evidence
E. trappings

26.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
During the inaugural address, the president …. the activities of his government for the past four years

A. reiterated
B. reviewed *ANS*
C. restated
D. recited
E. resumed

27.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
the world bank team which visited the land-lock country …. a bleak economic future for it

A. forecast *ANS*
B. thought of
C. discovered
D. prophesied
E. projected

28Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
We travelled all night and arrived …. the oyo motor park at six o’clock in the morning

A. by
B. inside
C. on
D. in
E. at *ANS*

29.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
We ought to stay away …. the robbers come back

A. provided
B. should in case
C. although
D. in case *ANS*
E. since

30.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
The principal will be going away on leave. In his absence, the vice president will …. the school

A. take over
B. carry on
C. care for
D. look after *ANS*
E. overlook

31.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
The new leader has a good intentions, but he is unable to ….

A. carry them with him
B. carry them out *ANS*
C. carry them on
D. carry them all
E. carry them well

32.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
Ikorodu is not far from here, it is only an ….

A. hour of driving
B. hour’s drive *ANS*
C. hour by driving
D. hour in driving
E. hours drive

33.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
Do you know if the new teacher …. yet?

A. is arrived
B. will be arriving
C. has arrived *ANS*
D. had arrived
E. has been arriving

34.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
Had he known he …. away

A. will go
B. will be going
C. would have gone *ANS*
D. may be going
E. is going

35.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
It is time we ….

A. should be going
B. ought to go
C. are going
D. went *ANS*
E. go

36.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
He sent the children out to play …. he might be alone

A. because
B. so that *ANS*
C. yet
D. since
E. while

37.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
He played the piano …. an hour or two

A. around
B. in about
C. during
D. while
E. for *ANS*

38.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
The solution to the problem has so far …. the scientist

A. defied
B. allured
C. eluded *ANS*
D. denied
E. avoided

39.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
The teacher asked if she …. seen her boyfriend recently

A. has
B. have
C. was
D. had *ANS*
E. will have

40.Choose the word/expression which best completes each sentence :
You …. to know better than an illiterate farmer

A. are suppose
B. are supposed *ANS*
C. suppose
D. have supposed
E. are supposing


Jamb News

JAMB Cut off Mark 2019/2020 For All Nigerian Schools




The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (BOARD) is a federal organization that regulates the admission process of Nigeria. Constitutionally, the Board is endowed with the responsibility of setting JAMB Cut off marks for various Schools in Nigeria and Questions. For any Nigerian to gain admission into the higher institution, he or she must have passed the examination conducted by the organization, JAMB. After the completion of the examination which is done in batches, the Board usually release the cut-off mark of the examination. The Board has also done the same this year by releasing cut off marks for all Nigerian Schools, be it Universities, Polytechnics or College of Educations.

Recently, most of the applicants for the examination have known their fate as the Board has released their result, which definitely will leave some happy and some not happy. As the results were released, questions like ‘What is the cut off mark for so-so University or Polytechnic or College of Education? Will come up especially by from those that got a low JAMB score. In order to provide tangible answers to the questions, we have decided to search for each school JAMB cut off mark for you as an adequate flow of academic information is one of our goals. Therefore, in this article, we present for you the JAMB cut off marks for various school in Nigeria. Enjoy as you read:

JAMB Cut off Marks for Federal Universities In Nigeria

Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun –180 – FUPRE CUT OFF MARK FOR PETROLEUM ENGINEERING & OTHER COURSES
Federal University of Technology, Akure 180 – FUTA Cut Off Mark For All Courses
Nigeria Police Academy Wudil 180 – NPA Cut Off Mark For All Courses
University of Benin, Benin City – 200 – UNIBEN Cut Off Mark For All Courses
University of Calabar, Calabar State – 180 – UNICAL Cut Off Mark For All Courses
University of Ilorin, Kwara State – 180 – UNILORIN CUT OFF MARK FOR JAMB – UNILORIN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery
University of Lagos, Lagos State – 200 – UNILAG Cut Off Mark For All Courses
The University of Nigeria, Nsukka – 180 – UNN Cut Off Mark For All Courses – UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery
University of Port-Harcourt, River State – 180 – UNIPORT Cut Off Mark For All Courses
University of Uyo, Cross River 180 – UNIUYO Cut Off Mark For All Courses
ATBU – Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi State –180
ABU – Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Kaduna – 180
BUK – Bayero University, Kano State –180
Federal University of Technology (FUT), Minna 180
Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Imo State 180
Federal University Dutse (FUD), Jigawa 180
FUDutsinma – Federal University Dutsin-Ma, Katsina State – 180
Federal University, Kashere (FUKashere), Gombe State 180
Federal University Lafia (FULafia), Nasarawa 180
Federal University, Lokoja, (FULokoja) Kogi State 180
Federal University, Otuoke, (FUOtuoke) Bayelsa State 180
Federal University, Oye-Ekiti, (FUOYE) Ekiti State 180
Federal University, Wukari, (FUWukari) Taraba State 180
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, (MOUAU) Umudike 180
Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola 180
NOUN – The National Open University of Nigeria, Lagos State 180
Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Kaduna 180
Nnamdi Azikiwe University, (UNIZIK) Awka – 180 UNIZIK – Medicine And Surgery
Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife 200
UNIABUJA – University of Abuja Gwagwalada Abuja – 180
FUNAAB – Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta – 200
Federal University of Agriculture, (FUAM) Makurdi 180
University of Ibadan (UI) Oyo State 200
University of Jos (UNIJOS), Plateau 180
University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID), Borno State 180
Usumanu Danfodiyo University (UDUSOK), Sokoto State 180

JAMB Cut off Mark for State Universities In Nigeria

Delta State University, Abraka – 180 – DELSU Cut Off Mark For All Courses
Lagos State University, Lagos – 180 – LASU Cut Off Mark For All Courses
Ladoke Akintola University of Technology – 180 – LAUTECH Cut Off Mark For All Courses
Osun State University, Oshogbo – 180 – UNIOSUN Cut Off Mark For All Courses
ABSU – Abia State University, Uturu 180
ADSU – Adamawa State University, Mubi 180
Adekunle Ajasin University, (AAUA), Akungba 180
Akwa Ibom State University of Technology, (AKUTECH), Uyo 180
AAU – Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma 180
Anambra State University of Science & Technology, Uli 180
Bauchi State University, (BASUG), Gadau 180
Benue State University, (BSUM) Makurdi 180
Bukar Abba Ibrahim University, Damaturu 180
Cross River State University of Science & Technology, (CRUTECH), Calabar 180
Ebonyi State University (EBSU), Abakaliki 180
Ekiti State University (EKSU) 180
Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), Enugu 180
Gombe State University (GSU), Gombe 180
Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, (IBBUL), Lapai 180
Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) 180
Imo State University (IMSU), Owerri 180
Kaduna State University (KASU), Kaduna 180
Kano University of Science & Technology (KUST), Kano State 180
Kebbi State University, (KSUSTA), Kebbi State 180
KSU – Kogi State University, Kogi 180
Kwara State University (KWASU),Malete 180
Nasarawa State University, (NSUK), Nasarawa 180
Niger Delta Unversity (NDU) , Niger Delta 180
Northwest University (NU), Kano 180
Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ogun State 180
Ondo State University of Science & Technology(OSUST) 180
Plateau State University, (PLASU), Bokkos 180
Rivers State University of Science & Technology (RSUST), River State 180
Sokoto State University, (SSU) Sokoto 180
, TASUED – Tai Solarin University of Education, Ogun State 180
Taraba State University, (TSU), Jalingo 180
Technical University, Ibadan, Oyo State 180
Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University, (UMYU), Katsina State 180
JAMB Cut off Marks for Federal Polytechnics in Nigeria

Yaba College of Technology – 180 – YABATECH Cut Off Mark For All Courses
AFIT – Air Force Institute of Technology, Ohio N/A
Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic, (AKANUPOLY) 150
Nigeria Army School of Military Engineering N/A
AUCHIPOLY – Auchi Polytechnic 180
Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti 150
Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi State 150
Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Niger State 150
Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu, Yobe State N/A
Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Osun State 150
Federal Polytechnic, Idah 150
Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro 150
Federal Polytechnic, Mubi 150
Federal Polytechnic, Namoda 150
Federal Polytechnic, Nassarawa 150
Federal Polytechnic, Nekede 150
Federal Polytechnic Offa, Kwara State 150
Federal Polytechnic, Oko 150
Federal School of Dental Technology and Therapy (FSDTT), Enugu 150
Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna 150
Hussaini Adamu Federal Polytechnic 150
Nigeria Army School of Military Engineering 150
Waziri Umaru Fed. Polytechnic Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi 150
JAMB Cut Off Mark For College Of Education
JAMB Cut off Mark for State Polytechnics Admission And Colleges In Nigeria

Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic 150
Abia State Polytechnic 150
Adamawa State Polytechnic 150
Abdul-Gusau Polytechnic, Talata-Mafara 150
Akwa-Ibom State Polytechnic 150
Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic 150
Akwa Ibom State College of Arts and Science Nung, Ukim 150
Benue State Polytechnic 150
College of Administrative and Business Studies, Potiskum 150
Enugu Polytechnic 150
GATEWAY Polytechnic, Igbesa 150
Rufus Giwa Polytechnic 150
The Polytechnic, Ibadan 150
Institute of Management and Technology Enugu 150
Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo 150
Jigawa State Polytechnic, Jigawa State 150
Kano State Polytechnic 150
Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic 150
Kogi State Polytechnic 150
Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin 150
Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikorodu 150
Moshood Abiola Polytechnic 150
Nasarawa State Polytechnic 150
Nuhu Bamalli Polytechnic 150
Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku 150
Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe 150
Osun State Polytechnic, Iree 150
Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke 150
Delta State Polytechnic, Ozoro 150
Plateau State Polytechnic, Barkin-Ladi 150
Polytechnic of Sokoto 150
Ramat Polytechnic –150
{{{Rivers State College of Arts & Science 150
Rivers State Polytechnic –150
Gateway Polytechnic Saapade – 150
Edo State Institute of Technology and Management, Usen 150
Niger State Poly, Zungeru, Niger State 150
Even though most of the time, JAMB usually set the cut off mark for 180, most of the schools usually change such decision and set their own desirable cut off mark. Actually, the main reason for the setting of cut off mark id to determine the possibility of participating in your chosen school Post UTME or not. Thus, before been able to apply and be eligible for the POST UTME of any federal University, State University, Federal or State Polytechnic or even College of Education, you must have JAMB score of at least over 200 in order to be sure of you participating in the post JAMB.

Thus, please note that the Schools have the utmost right to increase their cut off mark to any score that suits their personality. My advice for you is that, after your JAMB has been released and it doesn’t conform with your chosen school requirement, it is better to do a change of institution to the school that has your score within their requirement range

Also, most of the University usually set different cut off mark for the various department they are having apart from the general cut off mark that enables you to participate in the Post UTME. Thus, after noticing that your Jamb Score did not conform with your chosen course in that school, it is better for you to do a change of course to the one that you fulfill its requirement. Yes, I know you love that very course but they said prevention is better than cure. I think it is better to gain admission into another course than not getting admission into any course. Be wise, Time is going. Wish you the very best of Luck.

That’s all about JAMB Cut off Mark 2019/2020 For All Nigerian Schools.


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International Scholarship

Ghanaian Varsity Offers $40,000 Scholarship to 2019 UTME Top Scorer, Ekene




Academic City College, a private university in Accra, Ghana, has offered scholarship worth $40,000 to Ekene Franklin Ezeunala, the candidate who scored 347 – the highest score – in the 2019 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). The College Senior Admissions Manager (Nigeria), Mrs Ogechi Ekpe, said on the sidelines of a workshop organised by the institution for schools and parents at the Sheraton Hotel, Ikeja, at the weekend that the scholarship would cover tuition and boarding for the duration of his programme at the university.

Post UTME Past Questions 2019/2020
Sell Past Questions on Myschool
“We have a full scholarship for Ekene. He was supposed to be here today (Friday) but we did not talk about the scholarship today because he was not here. We were to present a scholarship of $40,000 to the boy from year one till he graduates,” she said.

When asked how Ekene would be informed about the scholarship since he was not at the event, Mrs Ekpe said: “We were hoping he would be here today so our President can give him the award. The school is here now. We have to go there and see if we can either take him to Ghana or get our President to come again and give him the scholarship. The scholarship is for real. It is called the Presidential Scholarship so the school pays everything including the hostel fees.”

Ekene, who turns 15 today (Monday), is below 16, the minimum age benchmark to gain admission into his preferred choice – the University of Lagos (UNILAG).

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), also stipulates 16 years as the minimum age for candidates to take the examination during the admission year they apply. However many private varsities in Nigeria accept students who are less than 16.

Mrs. Ekpe said that Academic City College, which offers programmes in Engineering, Business, Communication Arts and Information Technology, accepts students from 15 years of age because it has system in place to monitor them.

She said: “That is why we want him there. Nigerian schools won’t give him admission but we will. We start admitting from 15 which is why we have a very visible Dean of Students’ Affairs. We make sure that they go to class, especially foreign students. You cannot be in the hostel during learning hours. Dean Ruth, that is her name, she normally goes round.

“There are parents that pay for their kids to be off campus but all international students must be on campus because we don’t want them to have immigration issues; we don’t want them to go off track and start doing drugs. We actually insist that in the first year at least they must be on campus.”

The Ghanaian institution became the second institution to announce a full scholarship to Ekene, who just completed his West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) at Meiran Community Senior High School, Meiran, Lagos.

The first was Gregory University, Uturu in Abia State.

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Jamb News

After 2019 JAMB UTME, What’s Next? Here’s What Every Candidate Should Do




We can say that the 2019 JAMB UTME has officially been concluded. While some candidates are counting their gains, others are counting their losses. Which ever category you fall in, it is important to know that a high JAMB score is not an automatic ticket to higher institution neither does a low JAMB score automatically disqualify you for admission.
We have seen candidates with high JAMB scores who failed to secure admission into any institution and had to retake JAMB and we have equally seen candidates with low JAMB Scores (Less than 200) who gained admission without having to wait for another JAMB.
So basically, a low or high JAMB score is not the ultimate determinant of who gains and who doesn’t gain admission.
So at this point, what we expect all 2019 JAMB candidates to do is to ask the following critical questions?
>> What was my school’s cut-off mark last year ?
>> What was the cut-off mark for my intended course of study?
>> Do I need a change of course/institution? (Note: Change of course/institution has not commenced)
>> What’s the school’s Post-UTME Screening like?
>> How Can I prepare adequately for my school’s Post-UTME Screening?
The answers to these critical questions will help you know what next step to take towards successfully securing admission this year.
If going by your score, you stand a better chance of gaining admission in a polytechnic, by all means, go for it. Unless of course you don’t mind patronising JAMB next year.
Another advise is this; do not wait for your school of choice to announce sales of Post-UTME form before you stat preparing for it. We have made available the Post-UTME Past Questions for various schools . Do well to get yours now by visiting this link.
Finally, do not also forget Naija Edu Consult will be here for you all through the journey. So ensure you visit regularly for updates regarding the 2019/2020 Admission exercise.
Admission Success to you all!


For Any Admission, Results or Educational assistant,kindly contact us via Email: or WhatsApp/Call:- 09080137311

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